“the right to use

a regional or minority language

in private and public life

is an inalienable right”













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This website is dedicated to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. The Charter, which was adopted in 1992 and entered into force in 1998, is the main legal instrument of the Council of Europe for the protection and promotion of regional or minority languages.


The site contains a section on the Charter itself and a database making available the results of the monitoring mechanism. Besides the text of the Charter and the explanatory memorandum appended to it, as well as some basic data, one would find in the first section the Charter’s text as applied to different languages in different countries, translations, and analytical tables.


The second section contains the database. The documents produced during the monitoring process – the periodical reports of the States Parties, the evaluation reports of the Committee of Experts, the comments of governments, and the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers – were compiled using three different criteria: language, provision, and State Party.


Our hope is that the site and the database will contribute to the visibility of the Charter, and will help to better understand the situation of regional or minority languages in Europe.


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The database was compiled and the site is maintained by the Public Foundation for European Comparative Minority Research, an independent research organisation established by the Hungarian Government.


The creation of the database and the website was made possible by the generous grant of the Council of Europe and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Hungary. Their support is gratefully acknowlegded.



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